A new set of guiding principles amidst the 2020 Corona pandemic: 

We see the pandemic as a mandate to re-imagine how our industry will look in the future and allows us to be creative in the solutions. A new set of guiding principles are developing:

  • Shifting focus from competitors towards how to provide better value for customer and their profitability. Leading with questions and have an open dialogue. Change starts with changing the conversation

  • Trusting deep relationships (internal & external) is a key ingredient in getting out of the “pandemic soup"

  • To stay agile to act quickly and Keeping things simple in order to extract synergies rapidly. Complexity is slow and expensive, which are luxuries which the pandemic does not afford us

  • This is not the time to chase rainbows but have a strong understanding of core organizational capabilities and competencies (incl. mindset)pe your paragraph here.